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Easy and Flexible Solutions for busy entrepreneurs in achieving sales mastery. 

You can get the support you need anywhere on your device.

If you're seeking to craft, promote, initiate, and effectively sell your brand with ease, transparency, and genuine appeal. 

Choose what applies for you:

✅ If you’re a busy mom or professional woman on the go who’s big on dreams but short on time…

✅ If you’ve been thinking about launching in your business but don’t know where to begin…

✅ If you’ve tried to build and launch a brand in the past but couldn’t get past the planning stages…

Wanting to put all that in your rearview mirror?

What do you dream of?

You’re a bold, unique woman who dreams of transforming your passion into profit. But launching a brand and running a business isn’t easy, especially when you’re balancing all the other pieces of your life.

Whether you’re a full-time mom, caregiver, or employee, there never seems to be enough time, money, or resources to invest in your aspirations. Over and over again, you’ve placed others’ needs front and center while pushing your own aspirations to the back burner.

What’s holding you back?

Maybe you’ve looked into the steps of launching a brand before, but feel intimidated at the high point of entry. The rules of branding and marketing seem complex, and you’re not sure where, or how, to start.

Or maybe you’ve set the bones of your brand, but can’t seem to get organized. Your time management and strategy are nonexistent, leaving you scattered and scrambling in chaos.

What lights you up?

As moms, as caretakers, as employees, as women, it’s easy to get lost in what we are to other people. You’re a mother, a sister, a partner, a friend. You’ve held every title in the book—except your own.

But when it comes to making sales work for you, it all starts with you. Think about what truly excites you, what really lights up your energy. Figure out what's unique about you that others need to know. (And if you're thinking you've got nothing special... trust me, that's not the case!)

We’re all born with gifts, and you’re no exception. Maybe you’re not afraid to speak your mind. Maybe you’re a great listener. Maybe you’re funny as hell. Whatever your gift is, wherever your soul lights up, you can dig deeper and monetize your natural talent and passion—without sacrificing your integrity.

Get a Coach That Will Walk With You...

"Dr. Ali has been one of the master volunteers, trainers and coaches on my campus and now she’s available for the world. She has spent the time in the trenches learning how to be an effective, valuable, and result producing coach.

She continues to help women to tap into their core passion, power, and perseverance.

So, if you want massive results in your life, and you’re ready to live your dreams, while supporting your child to live and stand in their own power and own their dreams? If you don’t want to wait for the next three to five years, then get a coach that can get you there, that can take you there and that will walk with you while you get there. "

Lisa Nichols
(Motivational Speaker, Coach, & Mentor) 

You don’t have to do it alone...

Embarking on your sales journey and centering it around your approach doesn't mean necessarily going at it alone. 

Armed with a seasoned mentor and a nurturing network, you can navigate the complexities and establish the sales prowess you've always aspired to.

The key lies in embracing your distinctiveness, streamlining your approach, and embarking on decisive strides toward advancement. 

Achieve this, and you can construct a lucrative sales identity, all while embracing simplicity, remaining authentic, and focusing on your highest priorities.

Mastering Your Legacy Sales can take you there

Attain clarity, Cultivate confidence, and Sustain a consistent rhythm to propel your brand to new heights.

Legacy Sales Academy offers an immersive and inventive digital-hybrid membership tailored for busy mothers and career-oriented women who possess the potential to forge a thriving brand—yet lack the lucidity, frameworks, expertise, and motivation to transform their business aspirations into reality.

A commitment of at least 12 months is requisite to become part of the Legacy Sales Academy membership, and during this period, you must dedicate yourself to launching your personal premium client service, product line, captivating lead magnet, program initiative, event (whether live or virtual), or masterclass, all within the initial 90 days.

Merging live interactions and self-paced digital resources in a distinctive amalgamation, you'll hone your vision, clarify your monetizable talents, and apply time-tested tactics to engage your audience effectively, ultimately achieving successful sales and tangible outcomes.

Dr. Ali is the perfect blend of accountability, empathy, and compassion. She is a great listener and is adept at generating excellent ideas for taking your business to the next level. She is a teacher; not just through her words but by what she models for us in her own business.

If you are looking to be a better parent, a better entrepreneur or both, I cannot recommend Dr. Ali enough to help you navigate the wild ride!” 

Erain Gordan
(Psy. D School Psychologist & Special Needs Mompreneur) 

Legacy Sales Academy will rekindle your enthusiasm, revolutionize your approach, and activate your sales potential.

The thought of establishing your brand has lingered for so long that the initial spark behind it might be fading. Amidst the numerous commitments in your life, including those who rely on you, your time and energy have become scarce commodities, making the idea of investing in yourself seem like an insurmountable challenge. And if you've already embarked on this journey, the available resources might be overly intricate, leaving you entangled in the minutiae and more bewildered than before.

I can empathize with all of this, because I've walked the same path. As a dedicated mother to a child with autism, I intimately understand the struggle of transitioning from assisting others to prioritizing yourself. I've also experienced firsthand the baffling complexities of the branding realm, which can leave you feeling uninformed and undeserving.

I've taken it upon myself to distill the crucial systems and procedures essential for launching a personal enterprise. Let me assure you that it's not an unattainable feat, and I'm here to guide you through the process. You're not adrift—you've just yet to discover the right tools and community. And that discovery begins right now..."

When you become a part of Legacy Sales Academy, you're embarking on an invigorating, empowering, and enjoyable journey that will enable you to:

With Legacy Sales Academy, you can craft and introduce your sales strategy in under twelve weeks, refining, adjusting, and relaunching as needed. If this prospect excites you, brace yourself for the even more exhilarating experience of witnessing tangible results and beyond.

Since participating in Dr. Ali's Academy, I have been more confident in presenting myself and my business on social media. It has made me more willing to offer live functions and understand that the goal is to just keep doing what I do.

Success is not overnight, but with consistency success will happen on both a large and small scale. I also started to coach my own individual clients.

My coaching clients are very pleased with their results in working with me. I would have never tried to coach anyone if Dr. Ali hadn’t suggested it to me. She believed in me and saw that I am a capable person to help change the life of many. 

Dusty Muhammad
(Autism Mom & Teacher)

SHIFT to a CEO Mindset,
ignite your brand, and make powerful marketing and sales results.

The women who get the most out of my programs have a few key qualities, and I’m betting you have them too. 

You’re bold, you’re brilliant, you’re busy, and, most of all: You’re over the bull$h!+. 

I hear you! Finding the courage to invest in yourself isn’t easy. So let me stop and show you exactly what you’re getting when you enroll in Legacy Sales Academy

I’m Dr. Ali Griffith, and I’m here to ignite your inner fire.

I’m a published author, transformational speaker, and startup business coach who’s passionate about giving brilliant women like you the tools and systems they need to create legacy, generational wealth, and financial freedom. But more importantly: I’ve been where you are, and I know how to connect.

As a proud mother of a child with autism, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to take the time and energy to invest in yourself and your goals while being a full-time caregiver for someone else.

As a trained audiologist and speech pathologist, I’m trained to listen to my clients and calm their chaos.

As an experienced business coach, I know how to help other driven women rekindle their passion, simplify their strategy, and achieve their goals.

Under my guidance, clients have learned to celebrate what makes them special and transform it into a lucrative and fulfilling brand.

Are you ready to become the powerhouse you’ve always known you are? I want to help—and I can’t wait to meet you.

Stop scrambling and start simplifying. Enroll in Legacy Sales Academy today!

Monthly payments of $222
OR, pay $2222 in full TODAY and save $442! 


Is Legacy Sales Academy "right" for you?

I understand that investing in yourself can be an intimidating step. If you find yourself uncertain about whether this program aligns with your needs, allow me to guide you. If any of the following scenarios resonate with your situation, I'm here to connect with you.

You're an aspiring mompreneur or a solo woman entrepreneur. You possess a fantastic business concept, but the overwhelming flood of available information and the confusion of where to begin have left you flustered.

✅ You've previously attempted to launch your sales endeavors but felt weighed down by intricate details. The planning phase became a stumbling block, and the results you know you're capable of remained elusive.

✅ You recognize the significance of structure and accountability, yet your everyday commitments are substantial. You're in search of a program that permits you to progress at your own pace and achieve success on your terms, all while providing a sturdy framework.

✅ You're disheartened by the scarcity of resources tailored to women who aspire to run a business while juggling motherhood or caregiving. Balancing your remarkable ambitions with the genuine needs of your child is a puzzle you've yet to solve.

✅ Flexibility, resilience, and optimism are central to your values. You acknowledge that others in your circumstances might have thrown in the towel, but your determination to persist remains unyielding.

You don't need prestigious titles, advanced degrees, or professional experience to join Legacy Sales Academy. There's no requirement to be well-versed in business operations or brand launching. All that's necessary is a brilliant idea, an open mind, and a heart brimming with hope.

Your inner "Sales" fire

is ready to meet you.

Let’s take a moment to recap. You’re a bold, brilliant woman with a killer idea and the guts to carry it out. Maybe you’ve been dreaming about launching your brand for a long time now. Maybe you’ve even had a few false starts but are still hopeful and eager to succeed.

But there’s some fear behind your fierceness. You might be worried you don’t have enough branding know-how, or maybe you’re not clear on your brand vision. Maybe you just don’t believe you have the time it will take to succeed.

I get it—because I’ve felt all those same fears myself.

But I ALSO know how incredible it feels to finally invest in yourself and launch the brand of your dreams. I want to share that feeling with you.

When you enroll in Legacy Sales Academy, you get the opportunity to:

✅ Gain groundbreaking clarity on the vision you have for your personal brand

✅ Learn the essentials of branding and marketing in a format that’s structured enough to hold you accountable, yet flexible enough to allow for self-pacing

✅ Create an actionable time management plan to run your business as effectively as possible, every day of the year

✅ Identify and connect with your target audience in a meaningful and genuine way

✅ Build game-changing relationships with mentors and other members of the mompreneur community

✅ Celebrate your successes in real-time with a vibrant group of like-minded women

Don’t spend another minute wasting your precious breath, time, and energy on simply talking about launching your brand. Take that leap of faith today and put your dreams into motion.

Your inner CEO is waiting to meet you—and so am I.

Which Investment Works Best For You?

Enroll and Elevate with Legacy Sales Academy TODAY.

*(BONUS modules and LIVE Sessions) 

Got questions? Let us know.


If we worked together privately I would charge $5K- 10K per month. You will pay nowhere near because I want this to be an easy yes for you to start launching and profiting in your own brand. 

Legacy Sales Academy

Pay Annually


The 12 monthly annual breaks down to $416.67 per month

Save $1000 in total.

*Weekly Group Coaching
* Step by Step Videos on How to Create, Plan, and Execute Sales Strategies
* Accountability Launch Pods
* 24/7/365 Access to Private
* Facebook Groups

* PLUS,  automatically RSVP'd 1 Live Mastermind Retreat in Aruba with the Academy.

(Automatically Billed every 12 months)

Cancel anytime. No refunds.

Legacy Sales Academy

Pay Monthly


* Step by Step Videos on How to Create, Plan, and Execute Sales Strategies
* Step by Step Videos on How to Execute Biz Building Strategies
* Accountability Launch Pods
* 24/7/365 Access to Private
* Facebook Groups

* PLUS,  automatically RSVP'd 1 LIve Mastermind Retreat in Aruba with the Academy.

(Automatically Billed monthly)

Cancel anytime. No refunds.